Which Onewheel model should I buy?

With the discontinuation of the incredibly popular and fan-favorite XR model as well as the introduction of two new models, this question gets a bit more tricky than it was before!

It comes down to personal preference. Let’s assume you’re planning to buy new – If you’re committed to crushing the trails, long rides and floating around with a group of other PEV riders, the GT is the new choice for the “best of everything”. If you just want a really fun weekend cruiser and are looking for a lower price point, consider going with the Pint. The Pint X is just like the Pint but with a bit more oompf and a lot more range at a slightly higher price point. Consider this, riders who fall in love with the sport who started with the Pint often find themselves upgrading to the Pint X or GT rather quickly – The sport can be addicting and the limited range of the original Pint model becomes a big pain point early on for riders.

If you’re considering buying used, the XR and even the Plus models are still great options which have held their value incredibly well in a world where technology depreciates at an exponential rate. Related: Is it safe to buy a used board safe? The XR offers a lot more aftermarket and customizations than the newer, more refined models including Pint, Pint X, and the GT. Some riders who enjoy a deep customization experience may find the XR to be an excellent choice.

Check out the Onewheel model comparison tool to review tech specs

There are many factors that give each model unique perks. The larger “full sized” models of the XR and GT offer larger riders a more comfortable experience and better range in addition to custom riding options, but they come in at a significantly steeper price point than that of their smaller form factor models of the Pint and Pint X. The Pint model is easier to travel with and offers a more nimble and ‘carvier’ ride out of the box. However, the Pint’s lower range gives many riders who are looking for getting the most ride time something we call “range anxiety”. If you have friends with Onewheels and plan to ride with them, consider that a stock Pint will not be able to make the same trek that XR’s, Pint X’s and GT’s models can, in terms of range. Off-roading capability, power and durability elements are aren’t as distinguishable with the exception of the significantly improved torque on the GT model.

At the end of the day, all models are great options and most riders enjoy the board they get for the unique capabilities. Some riders who buy Pints later trade-up for full-sized models. Conversely, some XR and GT owners find that they prefer the ride of the Pint more. Many own multiple boards and ride them interchangeably depending on the duration and style of ride. This question often results in heated debates, so you’ll often get heavily-biased answers depending on who you ask. The best way to determine which board is best for you is to watch videos, do some research, and if possible, ride a friend’s board! There are even board shops that allow test rides and rent the boards for full days!


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