What’s Simplestop, and should I use it?

Simplestop is a feature included on the Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X, and Onewheel GT. It allows the rider to disengage the board for a dismount by coming to a stop and leaning back. It’s designed to provide a safer method of dismounting for newer riders and can be disabled.

For those unaware, the Onewheel XR, and previous models of the Onewheel, have a few ways to dismount including simply hopping off, or performing a “heel lift”. In the newer Pint, Pint X, and GT models, Future Motion implemented a new dismount method called Simplestop. Instead of having to lift your heel to disengage the foot sensor, the rider can simply come to a stop and slowly lean backward to disengage the motor; allowing for a safe dismount. This method proves useful for newer riders who are not able to do the heel-lift method very well or are nervous to hop off. Some riders disable Simplestop after they learn more advanced methods of dismounting. You can easily disable or enable Simplestop from within the Onewheel app. This is useful when having someone try your Onewheel who has never ridden before.

Something important to note is that when Simplestop is active, riding switch (or ‘fakie’) is not possible. Leaning backward to ride in the other direction engages Simplestop automatically. It’s fair to say that riders using Simplestop are less likely to be riding switch, so this is less of an issue and more of a consideration. Disabling Simplestop allows the rider to ride in any direction! The XR behaves in this way out of the box, as Simplestop is not an available feature.

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