What tire pressure (PSI) should I be using?

For the stock Onewheel tire, Future Motion recommends a tire pressure of 20 PSI. The Onewheel community has different recommendations for PSI based on rider weight and preference, described below.

The Onewheel community has shared quite a few thoughts on the topic of tire pressure. The consensus among riders is that adjusting your tire pressure can improve the rideability of the board including elements like foot and leg fatigue. Many riders calculate the optimum tire pressure based on the weight of the rider, at 1 PSI per 10 pounds of body weight (150 LBS = 15 PSI). It’s important to note that lowering your tire pressure will reduce the range you get on your rides, as there is more rubber making contact with the road (friction!). The upside to the loss of distance is that the ride is softer, so you “feel” the road less. This of this like squeezing a fully inflated balloon versus a half-inflated balloon, make sense?

No matter what you decide to try, you should consider Future Motion’s PSI limit and safety warnings, as this could result in injury and a voided warranty. Over inflating the tire and causing damage will not be covered under warranty. Under inflating the tire and causing unsafe riding conditions is also something to consider.


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