How do I avoid wiping out?

Maintain a controlled speed, take your time learning, wear proper safety equipment and stick to paved roads and sidewalks for the first few hundred miles.

No one wants to wipe out, but spills and falls are likely to happen to us all. We can mitigate falls, and reduce the severity of possible injuries by taking some very basic precautions. Read up on and become well-versed in what pushback is, and what nosedives are. Most falls can be avoided if you fully understand the aforementioned topics. To limit damage down to just our egos, you should always wear proper safety equipment including (but not limited to) a helmet and wrist guards. More is always better!

In a poll of 217 riders of their most significant crashes, the #1 reason was hitting some sort of obstacle such as loose gravel and potholes. This is why being observant of your terrain is very important when riding a Onewheel, constantly scanning your path and surroundings. The #2 reason was overloading the motor which can happen from a variety of circumstances such as riding uphill at a high speed or against a strong wind. The #3 reason was pushing through pushback which is often due to rider error – It’s very important to listen to the board and slow down if you feel pushback, as it’s the only true safety measure in the board which can help you avoid a bad fall.

Crash Statistics Graph

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