How long does it take to learn?

The learning curve is different for everyone, however Onewheeling can be picked up as quickly as 15 minutes, or take as long as weeks to feel comfortable on the board.

Everyone learns at a different pace. It’s totally normally for some riders to get the hang of it within an hour, and it’s also normal for riders to need many rides and lots of practice. Many factors go into how quickly you’ll master the art of floating on a Onewheel including your dexterity, balance, and experience with similar activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing (related: Is riding a Onewheel similar to snowboarding or skate? ). While Onewheeling can be picked up very quickly, it’s important to note that many riders who learn quickly become overconfident and end up having nasty spills, sometimes resulting in serious injuries. Anyone remember Adam Savage’s spill? oof. The first few hundred miles have a much higher likelihood of falling, so we recommend gearing it up and taking it slow.

Watch Ronnie Sarmiento learn how to ride a Onewheel in 10 minutes:

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