Can I see if my battery cells are still good?

If you have an Original (V1), Plus or XR hardware 4209 and older Onewheel, read on! Have 4210 and newer XR or a Pint? Sorry, but this is not possible at this time. You would need to send your board back to Future Motion for diagnosis if you suspect a battery capacity issue.

Don’t know how to check your hardware version? Refer to “How do I check what hardware version I have and why do I care?”

Now that we cleared that up, you will need a third party app to access the battery information. The OWCE app will give you access to information not available in the Onewheel app, including battery cell information.

The download process depends on your model of phone. iOS or Android? We have you covered!

  1. iOS: First download the TestFlight app on your device:
  2. Now accept your email invitation or follow the public link invitation to install.
  3. Android: Download at
  4. Follow instructions in the apps to connect to your Onewheel!


Each cell should be 4.18V for XR or 3.6V for Plus & V1 when fully charged. It’s acceptable to see a plus or minus .02V for each cell. If you see any cells lower, it may require you to charge the board for up to 72 hours to balance the cells. The battery will need to be replaced if you are unable to obtain a balanced battery.

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