How do I extend my range?

Many factors affect the range you’ll get out of your board, but generally speaking, you’re going to get the best range on flat, paved surfaces, in temperate weather, with proper tire pressure and with a slick tire (as opposed to a treaded tire).

Rider weight, the aggressiveness of the ride, tire pressure, weather and the terrain you ride on are all going to affect your range. Off-roading is some of the most fun you can have on a Onewheel, but it’s also the fastest way you can drain your battery. If you’re interested in a little tinkering, there are many guides on how to modify your Onewheel to add an external battery, roughly doubling your range. Check out how this system works in the customizations section. However, know that the methods of adding an external battery will immediately void your warranty and poses certain concerns which you’ll want to read up on before breaking out the toolkit, Doc. Future Motion will often reject working on boards with these types of modifications, so do your research.

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