What are the must-have accessories?

While you don’t need any accessories or modifications on your Onewheel to have an absolute blast, there are hundreds of options to enhance your riding experience and add personal style. However, we do recommend safety gear, ideally a helmet and wrist-guards.

There are hundreds of accessories, modifications and gear options available which enhance your riding experience, improve safety, add unique styling, and provide a way to keep things fresh. The list below is a very small sampling of what’s out there, so we encourage you to shop around!

  • Fenders are a great way to keep mud, dirt and other debris off of your board, legs and shoes. The large selection OEM and aftermarket fenders also provides many different ways to express your unique style.
  • Rail guards offer some added protection to the rails of your board, and come in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Flight Fins are a special type of fender modification that allows you to “jump” with your board, adding a whole new level of riding experience.
  • Float Plates offer a durable layer of protection to the bottom of your board.
  • Kush is a line of footpad replacements that help reduce foot fatigue by adding some cushion and concave grip to your ride.
  • Treaded tire replacements give you some added traction in off-road scenarios.


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