I’m experienced in board sports, do I really need safety gear?

Yes! Falls on a Onewheel are quite a bit different than other board sports. If you’re new to the sport, gear up and decide later what risk you’re comfortable with. You will fall – Everyone does.

Onewheeling shares a lot of riding components to other board sports, but falling is a different beast entirely. I’ve personally witnessed experienced skaters fall at low speeds, doing simple maneuvers or tricks, leading to concussions and other nasty injuries. Protect your body initially and decide later on if you feel comfortable shedding gear (though we don’t recommend it). A helmet is a no-brainer (see what I did there?), and wrist-guards are highly encouraged. Knee and elbow pads are icing on the cake. Onewheeling shares a lot of its culture and trends with the skating community, and unfortunately, with that comes the idea that wearing safety gear isn’t cool. The thing is, no one looks cool with a feeding tube.

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