Is Onewheeling similar to snowboarding or skating?

Yes, the Onewheel shares a lot of similarities with both skateboarding, snowboarding and other board sports. The strongest similarities you’ll find include the stance you ride in and leaning on your toe/heel to steer. If you’re confident in these sports, you’ll likely have a slight advantage learning over those who don’t, However, even if you’ve never experimented with other boards sports, almost anyone can learn to ride a Onewheel confidently with enough practice.

Interestingly, while it’s likely that riders with board sport experience will learn quickly, it’s also possible for them to require just as much, if not more time than a new rider with no similar experience. This is because muscle memory related to riding techniques in other board sports is often difficult to overcome once it it’s ingrained, and because the Onewheel is different in many ways to these other sports, it may take some time to learn how to ride a familiar shape in a very unfamiliar way.

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