Can I take a Onewheel on a plane?

If you have an XR, GT or Pint X, no; at least not in the US. The original Pint and Plus models are possible, many have, but you may get mixed results. Always check with the airline and TSA before you attempt to fly with a Onewheel.

Due to concerns of other lithium-ion battery-powered devices catching fire, many airlines and TSA have strict regulations regarding these types of devices. In some cases, airlines have prohibited “self balancing devices” altogether. The XR, GT, and Pint X models have  larger batteries than the Pint and Plus, and as such, are outright prohibited on flights. However, many riders have successfully flown with their Pint and Plus boards. Bear in mind, you can be granted permission over the phone by the airline, only to be stopped by TSA. Additionally, you could successfully fly to your destination, but not be able to return with your board on the trip home. The risks are definitely there, so we recommend you thoroughly research the topic and contact the appropriate parties before you attempt to travel with your board.

Check out John D Dyer’s video on this topic below:

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