Can you modify the Onewheel?

Absolutely! There are lots of OEM as well as aftermarket customizations and accessories, both cosmetic and functional. Accessories give your board unique styling and change the way you ride for a more personalized experience.

The Onewheel is highly customizable with many options available directly from the official Onewheel site. There are also a number of manufacturers that produce their own unique products which can be added to the board without worrying about voiding the warranty. Fenders are a great way to keep your shoes and legs clean, rail guards, bumpers and skid plates offer added protection from damaging the board, and there are many foot pad replacements available to help reduce foot fatigue. There are even some mods that allow you to do some pretty awesome tricks!  Want to see some of the best looking customized Onewheels out there? head over to our gallery to review an ever-growing collection

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