What is the best tire to swap to?

It depends on what you plan to do with your Onewheel, primarily broken down by street versus off-road terrain (or a blend between the two). There are a number of aftermarket tire options available, as well as shops that will do the swap for you. We’ve teamed up with Jeff at The Float Life who has detailed his top 4 picks.

Which tire is right for you? Written by Jeff McCosker (original Reddit post)


For years I have ridden the Burris 6” TX-33 tread off-road, but recently switched to the new upgraded version called the Trail Pro. Both tires use the same mold so shape hasn’t changed. The sidewalls are now reinforced for durability, edge hold, and longevity and a custom compound that sits between the TX-11 and TX-22 was used to increase grip, soak up smaller bumps off-road, and greatly reduce that buzz on the street that the original had. The Trail Pro is just a nice little bump of an upgrade to the original which is widely regarded as the best off-road tire for quite some time. FYI: the 6” Burris tread has won the FloatLife Fest XR race every single year and won the premier event dual slalom last year at FLF3.


I have three boards that I ride depending on how I’m feeling.

First is the FF Hoosier Whisper. This is a great tire and probably the most “Jack of all trades” tire available. It has a good balance of stability and carvability with a nice squishy compound for a smooth ride. It’s like a 9 out of 10 on pretty much every category for me! I’ll even choose to take this tire off-road sometimes if I want to have fun and drift around on a fun smooth sandy trail. Wouldn’t recommend for sharp rocky technical downhill though.

Next is the Burris 6” slick in SS-11. This is my favorite trick tire right now as it sacrifices a tiny bit of stability for increased carvability (which is key for curbs) and a little punch up in the torque. Feels very similar to the Whisper, but at a more affordable price point. This is the tire that both Bodhi and Ryan Sherwood are riding. If you don’t know who they are, they are widely considered the two best trick riders right now.

Lastly, I have the Burris x TFL XtraRad tire. This is the tire I enjoy for coffee runs, quick around town rips, and bar hopping. It’s a smaller diameter and width tire that has a fun soft compound that sacrifices a mph or two off the top speed and cranks the torque and board snap way up! This is a super zippy little tire that carves on a dime, but still holds a decent amount of stability. Best I could describe this tire is it’s like a Pint x XR hybrid. Cool thing about this tire is you can rock it on a Pint or an XR or if you want to get really crazy, you can get custom shorter rails and build a real hybrid called a McNugget.

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