Are Onewheels safe to take on trails?

Absolutely! In comparison to other electric rideable devices, Onewheel is one of the top dogs in trail riding due to it’s ability to handle rather rough and uneven terrain such as roots, rocks, and drops.

The Onewheel is very capable of riding and withstanding the abuse of trail riding. However, veteran riders agree that new riders should take their time learning on predictable terrain such as streets, sidewalks, and grass before they attempt to take on any trail conditions. Learn your limitations and the limitations of the Onewheel first by experimenting with smooth dirt paths. These can be small sections off your favorite bike trail or areas at your favorite park. Work up to crushing rugged black diamond mountain bike trails once you get better. You will be amazed at what the Onewheel is capable of!

Pro Tip: Let some air out of your tire before riding in any rough conditions to help the tire absorb bumps, lowering the chance of you losing control of the board while riding! The standard tire pressure for stock tires is typically around 1 PSI per 10lb of body weight (150lbs = 15 PSI). Try lowering this number by 25% or so and see if it helps your trail blazing!


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