What’s the best grip tape replacement?

Essentially, any grip tape replacement will be an improvement over the stock grip tape that ships with your Onewheel. However, there are options that may be best suited for your preferences and the type of footpad you’re using.

Most aftermarket grip tape options will be better than stock, because the stock tape has very low grit and sharpness which doesn’t provide very good traction for anything more than street riding. Additionally, due to the very fine spacing of the grit, this tape tends to get caked up with dirt and debris, making cleaning it a chore. When your grip tape is covered in dirt, the effectiveness is reduced which can lead to your feet losing traction to the board. This is of course a safety concern, so ensure you regularly clean your grip tape (as needed) regardless of the option you use.

Grit: Like sandpaper, this refers to the amount of roughness or how sharp the surface is. A rough grit will give you better foot traction, but make it more difficult to adjust your foot placement. A sharp grit offers good traction, but is hard on shoes and makes any skin contact more extreme.
Spacing: Good grit spacing is important so the grip doesn’t get “clogged” when riding dirt. Good spacing can also increase traction and allow for easier cleaning.
Precut: Most aftermarket Onewheel grip tape is precut to the shape of the Onewheel footpads for easy installation. If not, you will need to trim or cut it. It’s a good idea to confirm the grip you are buying is compatible with your footpads.
Can I use skateboard grip tape? Absolutely, but most skateboard grip doesn’t have the appropriate grit, durability and shape for a Onewheel. The Onewheel foot pads are slightly wider than most skateboards so make sure the grip you choose is large enough and trim it with a razor blade to fit

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