What is VESC?

VESC stands for Vedder Electronic Speed Controller. It is a controller for self balancing one-wheeled devices similar to the Future Motion Onewheel. It is an open source platform that is ever evolving and offering riders more features and benefits.

Compatible models and hardware

There are many electronic speed controllers that can be used, but the most commonly used are the Little FOCer v3.1, Little FOCer v3, Spintend Ubox 100v, and Flipsky 75100.

Key benefits

The VESC platform offers many added benefits that normal Onewheels don’t have. VESCs can be used with larger, higher voltage batteries providing the rider increased torque and speed. It also allows the rider to change specific settings to tune the ride to their liking. There are also cool features such as firmware posi-tapping, better footpad engagement, remote tilt, darkride(you can ride your VESC upside down!), turn tilt, adaptive torque response, dirty landings, soft start, and many more. The VESC community is continuously growing and community members are constantly working on improving VESC, its capabilities, and the entire boardsport overall.

Notable risks

Building a VESC is still a pretty involved DIY project. Some electronics knowledge is highly recommended. Electricity is no joke and these batteries pack a punch. There is always a risk of fire when charging, operating, and building any battery powered device, but be especially careful when building your VESC, as incorrectly wiring your VESC will fry some components and may even cause a fire.

What types of riders should consider it (who’s it ideal for, e.g.)?

VESC is ideal for very experienced riders and racers who feel held back by their Future Motion or otherwise self balancing one-wheeled devices. It is also perfect for those who like to DIY or according to Kyle Doerksen, the owner of Future Motion, “garage tinkerers”.

The future of VESC and DIY Onewheel

As VESC continues to grow and get even better, it will push the boardsport to new heights. Any increase in performance in VESC drives companies to also step up their game and compete. VESC will take onewheel racing and freestyle tricks to the next level.

Where can I get started?
  1. Join the Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/vescbuilders/
  2. Purchase a VESC! US: https://www.makerspev.com/ International: https://customwheel.shop/
Where can I find advanced info?

PEV.DEV is like Wikipedia for VESC and there are many topics and how-tos available for your reading pleasure.

About the author:
Article written by TFW Ambassador Cole Brooks

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