Shorty Fenders

Installation & Care Instructions

Congrats on owning your pair of Shorty Fenders by TFW x 3Dway. Read below for installation and care instructions. Have a question or cocern? Contact us!


Installing Shorty Fenders is super easy! But just in case you need a little guidance, follow the instructions below for a smooth process.

 Instructions for Pint and XR versions of the fenders are basically the same with the exception of the included Fender Delete spacers for XR versions. Read further below for more detail.

XR Instructions

If your Onewheel has a fender delete product such as the Float Fender Delete by The Float Life, you can set aside the four included fender delete spacers and skip ahead in the instructions. If you don’t have this type of product, you’ll need to follow the instructions below.

Instructions for fender delete spacers:

  1. Place the four fender delete spacers on your rails where the rail meets the footpads.
  2. The curve of the fender delete spacer should match the curve of the fenders; flip them over if they aren’t lining up.
  3. Place the fender on top of the spacers and thread the included screws through them; you should be able to give them a turn or two to begin threading them in.


Hardware Adjustment

Shortys feature an elongated hardware space allowing you to adjust the placement of the fender closer or further from the tire with ease, preventing the dreaded “fender rub” you get with some tire and fender combinations. The instructions below apply to both XR and Pint versions, as well as with the fender delete spacers.


  1. After placing the fender on your Onewheel and inserting the screw through the fender, shift the distance of the fender from the tire to your preference.
  2. Slightly tighten the hardware with the included hex key – just tight enough to where it won’t move.
  3. Repeat the above steps with both fender sides.
  4. Lift the nose of the Onewheel and roll it forward and backwards a bit – If you hear or feel friction between the fenders and the tire, loosen the screws and shift the fenders further away.
  5. Repeat the above steps until the tire spins without making contact with the fenders.
  6. Fully tighten the screws by hand until they feel secure – Don’t over-tighten the hardware!


Cleaning & Care

Produced with a strong, yet flexible material, Shortys can take a beating from even the most intense riding conditions. Don’t be afraid of taking them on your next trail ride! Shortys feature an eggshell, semi-smooth finish which wipes clean easily.

We recommend using either gentle cleaning solution such as Simple Green or just warm water. Spray a small amount of cleaning solution on to a microfiber towel (or soft cloth) and wipe away any dirt or debris.

For a deeper clean, simply take the fenders off and clean thoroughly using soapy water!


Have a question or concern about your product? Contact us today so we can assist you.

As with many aftermarket Onewheel accessories, we do not currently offer a warranty for Shorty Fenders at this time. However, we are exploring options to ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase and appreciate any feedback you’d like to share.

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