Brand Ambassadors

Meet This Fun Wheel’s Brand Ambassador team – A group of riders and enthusiasts helping spread the love for this fun wheel! Brand ambassadors are key to helping this movement grow, providing resources to new riders.

We LOVE this fun wheel

Since the beginning of our one-wheeled journey, we’ve met hundreds of amazing community members. Along the way, we’ve also had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with individuals who share our values and passion for cultivating a better community for new and veteran riders alike. The movement has grown, and with it, we’ve created a crew of ambassadors that support our vision and mission.

These brand ambassadors pour their passion, creativity, and knowledge of the sport and (among other ways) share this love under the banner of This Fun Wheel. We’re a team of enthusiasts all over the world working together to help our fellow riders enjoy the sport and the community to the fullest.


Current Ambassadors


You know him, you love him. The insanely talented rider and ultra creative mind behind everyone’s favorite community brand “The Float Life”. Bodhi is a big supporter of our brand and has been a critical contributor of it’s success.

Location: Sacramento, California
Instagram: @bodhiharrison
Brand: The Float Life


While the PEV scene in the UK is going through some growing pains, Chantelle, AKA Chan, hasn’t let it stop her from sharing her stoke for the sport. Chan brings a whole vibe to her rides which you can experience by watching her rad content on the gram! Chan shares our vision of spreading resources and tips for international riders, and has been an integral part of our ability to share our stoke overseas.

Location: England, United Kingdom
Instagram: @chan.rides
Brand: She Swerves


A true enthusiast of the sport, Cole is an avid trail and trick rider who has incorporated Onewheeling into many aspects of his life, including his job! Cole loves sharing his passion and knowledge of the sport with new riders, and leads several local riding groups in Arizona. Cole brings his stoke and positive energy to our team of ambassadors and we’re excited to have him!

Location: Arizona & Denver
Instagram: @koloscole
Group: Onewheel AZ


A board sports enthusiast since the age of 7, Gabriel shares his love for the wheel as a TFW team rider, spreading his knowledge with riders both through social media as well as group rides in Quebec. Between trick riding, trail blazing and even Onewheel modifications, Gabriel is passionate about the sport and loves to share it with others. He’ll soon be taking his passion on the road while he travels across Canada!

Location: Quebec, Canada
Instagram: @float_lex
Group: Onewheel Canada

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist himself, Jared is a software engineer with a passion for Onewheels. His love for the wheel and his background in software and hardware engineering led him to co-create the ElectroLytes colored taillights system, as well as being a prominent coordinator of events in the Oak City Onewheel group.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Instagram: @oak_city_mad_scientist
Brand: Oak City Shred Solutions


We connected with Jordan early in our brand’s development and immediately found a shared passion for encouraging safe riding habits in the sport. Jordan is team rider for our brand and fully sends it in everything she does!

Location: Wahoo, Nebraska
Instagram: @jorgiajam33


A good friend of ours, Justin is passionate about all things Onewheel including the maintenance and repair factor which led him to start his own PEV repair company RLNTLSS Shred Shop. Justin is our resident Onewheel repair expert and a valued member of the team.

Location: Sacramento, California
Instagram: @juswheelvel
Brand: RLNTLSS Shred Shop


A lifelong fan of anything moving on wheels, Kevin transitioned from a long-time love of skateboard culture to shredding through Scotland’s forest trails on his Onewheel. You can always expect Kevin to be the one to introduce himself to new riders as well as explaining how the board works to interested onlookers. Kevin especially enjoys organizing and leading group rides with his local community.

Location: Angus, Scotland
Instagram: @s.w.a.n.k.i.e
Group: @onewheel.scotland.riders


Our Ride-or-Die! Tou is a local rider and has been a huge supporter of the brand since the beginning and you’ll catch him riding with us at almost every event. Tou brings positivity and stoke to every ride and embodies what we strive for; sharing the love for this fun wheel!

Location: Fresno, California
Instagram: @tou_g_lee


Full send! Tyler is an avid rider who loves all aspects of the sport including bombing trails, street style tricks, and mellow group rides with the local crew in Charlotte, NC. Tyler has many years of board sports under his belt and loves sharing his knowledge with riders both on the streets and the trails.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Instagram: @skertfloatsalot
Group: Charlotte Onewheel



Supporter of our brand and one of the brilliant minds behind the brand Carve Creative, Zak is an inspirational photographer who has amassed a sizeable following on Instagram for his amazing work. Zak and his company provide media production services to Future Motion for the Onewheel Racing League.

Location: Campbellsport, Wisconsin
Instagram: @indiemoto
Brand: Carve Creative

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