Which should I buy, Pint or XR?

It comes to personal preference. If you’re committed to crushing the trails, long rides and floating around in a Onewheel gang, the XR is a safe choice. If you just want a really fun weekend cruiser and are looking for a lower price point, consider going with the Pint… but that’s over-simplifying the answer!

There are many factors that give each board option unique perks. The XR has double the range and a lot more custom riding options than the Pint, but comes in at a significantly steeper price point. The Pint is easier to travel with and offers a more nimble and ‘carvier’ ride out of the box. However, the Pint’s lower range gives many riders who are looking for getting the most ride time something we call “range anxiety”. If you have friends with Onewheels and plan to ride with them, consider that a stock Pint will not be able to make the same trek that an XR can, in terms of range. Off-roading capability, power and durability elements are very comparable on both boards.

At the end of the day, both are great options and most riders enjoy the board they get for the unique capabilities. Some riders who buy Pints later trade-up for XRs. Conversely, some XR owners find that they prefer the ride of the Pint more. Many own both boards and ride them interchangeably depending on the duration and style of ride. This question often results in heated debates, so you’ll often get heavily-biased answers. The best way to determine which board is best for you is to watch videos, do some research, and if possible, ride a friend’s board! There are even board shops that allow test rides and rent the boards for full days!

Check out the official Onewheel video below for a good overview of the differences between the boards, straight from the manufacturer.

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